It`s a reminder of the real crime, the story of David Crow`s unlikely survival and success despite a chaotic and traumatic upbringing. David grew up on the Navajo Reservation with his ex-convicted father, who brutally manipulated him into making criminal demands. After managing to escape his father`s relentless grip, David reaches a climax with his father, where he must outsmart him to survive. It is a heartbreaking and heartwarming story of the lifelong process of forgiveness despite years of abuse, an insightful and inspiring reminder of resilience. This true story of survival and perseverance revolves around the investigation into the murder of a 10-year-old boy whose body was found in a landfill in Lusaka. It follows four children – Moonga, Timo, Lusabilo and Kapula – in a non-fiction narrative story about their daily lives and that of other “street children”. Who doesn`t love a good heist story? After a 20-year-old flutist snatched a magnificent caper and stole old birds from the British Museum of Natural History, it stunned law enforcement and fans of real crimes. This bizarre story is a delightful portrait of ornithology and human nature. Paul Holes was an investigator known for his work on cases such as the Zodiac Killer, Laci Peterson, Jaycee Dugard, and especially the Golden State Killer. This memoir of real crime looks back at his rewarding and exhausting career tracking down murderers and sacrificing relationships to get others to graduation. In 1980, Candy Montgomery and Betty Gore were two bored housewives in Texas trying to make the most of their daily suburban lives — until Betty discovered that Candy was having an affair with her husband that resulted in a deadly crime scene. Evidence of Love describes the struggle of “two desperate housewives” as Candy`s trial makes national headlines after she pleaded not guilty to self-defense.

Based on exclusive interviews with the Montgomery and Gore families, Bloom and Atkins went through the drama of the case to examine the frustrations and unanswered desires of these two women. James Ellroy, one of the best authors of living crime novels, reveals the personal tragedy from which his obsessions have emerged in his most personal book. Ellroy`s mother was murdered in 1958 when he was ten years old, and as an adult he teamed up with a LAPD officer in 1994 to find his murderer. Even if the killer seems to be within reach, it is clear that the chaos he brought to the author`s life remains unresolved, how could this have happened? This is the question at the heart of Weinman`s recent incisive study on crime and culture. This time, it looks at the long and strange life after the conviction and crimes of Edgar Smith, who was sitting on death row after a conviction for the murder of Victoria Zielinski and from there managed to conclude a correspondence with William F. Buckley of all peoples. The relationship became much more than just a correspondence when Smith finally convinced Buckley and others to become his champion. Soon he had his freedom and appearances and bookstores arrived until he attempted another murder and turned the lives of those who had supported him and countless others upside down along the way.

This is one of the most bizarre sequences in modern American history, brutally revealing Buckley`s neoconservative narcissism and his weakness to flattery. But he was only one on the way: Weinman`s book is a study of how one person after another can be brought under the influence of a murderer and how much damage a true psychopath can do with all this gullibility. –DM Can`t get enough of suspicious numbers and spectacular solutions? Check out this list of our top 50 suspense books, or if you`re in the mood for something sweeter, our must-see guide to comfortable secrets. Whether you`re fascinated by the genre of real crime or interested in a particular story, this reading of real crime puts us at the center of it all. These recommendations are bestsellers on Amazon and Bookshop, high-rated favorites by Goodreads reviews and page turners on some of the most notorious crimes in history. It seems like everyone has been obsessed with everything related to the real crime lately – from making a murderer on Netflix to turning on the latest S-Town podcast. But real crime has long since found its place in novels, where reality can sometimes seem stranger than fiction. The defining work of Capote`s career, which no doubt gave birth to the genre as we know it, begins with a shocking quadruple murder in a quiet Kansas town. Although the case itself is open and closed, the author still manages to extract a captivating and psychologically rich story based on interviews with the murderers and extensive research on the victims. If you`re just starting to read true crime – or if you`re hoping to write it yourself one day – In Cold Blood is a must-have introduction to the genre.