Skadden currently employs around 250 legal assistants worldwide, comprising both graduates and executives from a variety of professional and academic backgrounds. Typically, legal assistants work as part of a team under the supervision of a team leader or case manager and are dealt with corporate or litigation issues after reducing secretarial staff by 66 people, Reed Smith executives say that by the end of 2021, those who remain will be retrained in an executive assistant (EA) role. in which they have the task of meeting the administrative requirements of the practice areas throughout the global company`s presence. International business accounts for an increasing percentage of the company`s activity. Legal assistants can be involved in a variety of matters ranging from translating documents to traveling abroad to help with corporate transactions or disputes based abroad. Legal Assistant Perspective: Here`s what you shouldn`t let them do: 1. Schedule your appointments for erectile dysfunction (or any medical application really) 2. Update your personal dating profiles 3. Let them browse your business email, which also includes your personal dirty emails 4. Watch your MCLE videos. I`ve been tasked with keeping an eye on the hours, and that`s fine, but watching and attending seminars is to the lawyer`s advantage, I believe, so I drew the line there 5) Ask them to reply to emails that you can easily answer on your own (thanks if the assistant came out for lunch or something like that).

You`ll probably want to learn more about the legal field, so ask them to help you with contract lines or drafts, letters to clients, scheduling your meetings/calls, scanning and organizing files, creating emails/mailing lists, or other legal documents you need help with. Even if they are “just the assistant”, I`m sure they were hired because they are competent/intelligent or have an interest in the field. Treat your assistant with respect:) Skadden also offers a unique role as a legal practice assistant, designed for university graduates who are interested in a career in the legal field and would benefit from direct exposure to law firms. This is a senior position in the Legal Assistant Services Department that provides varied support to cases/transactions with important contacts with lawyers, paralegals and other professional staff. Legal Practice Assistants follow an extensive training program that covers a wide range of topics, from basic skills in legal assistance to the latest advances in legal technology. “The older, traditional role of a legal secretary has all but disappeared,” said an industry observer. “The secretary of the future must have very good computer skills. and more multitasking than ever before. Junior partner in a large company.

I have a dedicated assistant, but I don`t know how to use them effectively. What do people ask their assistants to do for them? It`s an expensive resource for the company, and I want to try to make the most of it. At the moment, they are just checking and publishing my time entries and making my refunds and travel reservations. Any other ideas? We are strongly committed to training and development opportunities for our paralegals. Each year, the firm runs a one-week formal training program for its entry class of project assistants to introduce practice-specific knowledge/skills and help them successfully transition into the law firm environment. We also hold regular workshops to introduce new technologies and services and develop skills. Proskauer`s paralegals work side by side with our lawyers to provide high quality legal services. With over 100 paralegals, our program maximizes efficiency and quality for our lawyers and their clients, contributing to the firm`s reputation for superior client service. Our paralegals come from a variety of world-class backgrounds and schools, including Brandeis, Columbia, Cornell, Georgetown, Harvard, Johns Hopkins, Michigan, New York University, Northwestern and Princeton. They are problem solvers and team players who take pride in their work product and carry out projects efficiently and cost-effectively.

Skadden strongly believes in his commitment to serving the community by offering pro bono or free legal services to community members. Legal assistants can participate in a variety of pro bono issues handled by the firm, such as: Cases of criminal appeals, political asylum applications, domestic violence prosecutions, divorce and police custody, and the establishment of non-profit organizations. Pro bono cases offer paralegals the opportunity to work more independently and take on a higher level of responsibility. For pro bono highlights, click here. Senior and intermediate paralegal positions are only filled when a vacancy becomes available. We do not review or store unsolicited applications. In order to provide the best service to our clients, our paralegal program is structured according to a three-tier system: we currently accept resumes for the 2022 Project Assistant Program. Mine makes red lines and makes some changes to track changes (corrections, correction of document formatting, change of the name of a part to singular/plural, empty dates, etc.). Don`t try to create work. You just have to find ways to be more efficient. Each year, we hire a class of beginner project assistants and train them in our offices in Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles, New Orleans, New York and Washington, DC.

We are looking for candidates with a strong academic background who want to learn more about the practice of law before attending law school. Applicants must be prepared to make a two-year commitment and be available to work the hours required by a leading law firm (including evenings and weekends). Successful applicants are placed in specific practice areas based on the needs of the firm: Applicants must meet the following requirements and skills to be considered for the Proskauer Project Assistant Program 2022: In large law firms, the definition of support is changing. Eligible applicants for the Project Assistant class must submit their resume through our online application portal, along with a cover letter that includes a preference for the positions for which they are applying.